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With rising rates, many homeowners feel trapped paying more on their mortgage than they should. We understand the frustration of being stuck with an unsuitable home mortgage. It’s why we excel at identifying better options to improve your household cash flow.

At Strategic Mortgages Perth, we know there’s nearly always an opportunity to refinance your home loan, secure a competitive interest rate and start saving. Whether that’s accessing lower rates, repaying debt faster or simply switching to a lender that helps you achieve your property goals, our Perth refinance home loan broker team removes the guesswork in securing your home refinance loan in Perth.

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Guarantee Transparency

Through proactive communication at every step, from initial consultation to settlement, we ensure you feel guided. Our processes are fully transparent, with no hidden fees or fine print, so you can make informed decisions with ease.


Local Expertise

Led by our founder Trent Fleskens, the acknowledged property expert voice across leading publications like The West Australian and Perth Now, our refinance home loan broker team in Perth offers unmatched local insight.


Competitive Rates

We maintain relationships with 30 lenders, including all tier-1 Australian banks. This gives us the ability to shop around your application and negotiate reduced rates or unique product features that borrowers may not access directly.

Our Team of Perth Mortgage Brokers

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Your Perth Home Loan Refinance Brokers

Our Perth-based refinance mortgage team has decades of combined experience in the Perth property market. Always informed on the latest developments, we help homeowners reassess and refinance their Perth mortgages in favour of better products, rates, or lenders.

Trent Fleskens, the property expert featured in respected media, from The Western Australian to Channel 9, supports and leads our talented home broker team. His unmatched expertise enables us to navigate the Perth mortgage broking landscape confidently, even in times of market volatility.

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Customer Reviews

Total professional, works really hard for his client. Incredibly honest, open and knowledgeable on all things real estate & finance. Been using Trent’s services for over 2 years.


The team was very knowledgeable of the Perth Market and very professional. They were easy to work with and very helpful.


I have dealt with Trent a few times now for numerous property transactions and advice. He provides fantastic service and is a wealth of knowledge!


Understanding Mortgage Refinancing

Common Home Loan Refinance Questions

How much can I borrow to refinance my home loan?

Before you decide to refinance your home loan, you should make sure you understand your borrowing capacity. Our professional mortgage brokers can help you determine this. We assess your financial situation, including your income, expenses, and existing debts, to calculate how much you can borrow.

Is it worth refinancing a home loan in Perth?

Refinancing your home loan can be beneficial if you’re seeking a lower interest rate, wanting to consolidate debt, or aiming to reduce your loan term. However, it’s important to also consider the costs involved, such as exit fees, application fees, and stamp duty. Our experienced refinancing brokers can provide guidance and help you determine if refinancing is the right choice for you.


When should I refinance my mortgage?

Refinancing your mortgage can be a strategic financial decision. It is ideal to consider refinancing when you can secure a lower interest rate than your current loan, or when you want to change your loan type. If you want to refinance, it’s important to calculate the break-even point to understand how long it will take to reap the savings.

What is the difference between a remortgage and a refinance?

While both remortgaging and refinancing involve replacing an existing loan with a new one, they differ in terms of the lender involved. In remortgaging, you stay with your initial lender, whereas in refinancing, you switch to a new lender. This distinction is often overlooked in the mortgage industry, but it’s crucial to understand when considering your home loan options.

What rate can I expect when refinancing my home loan?

It depends on the market, your financials and property. But as one of Perth’s top brokerages, we leverage relationships with 30 lenders to often beat average mortgage rates. We’ll outline projections in our initial consultation.

Can I access equity by refinancing?

Yes! Many choose to refinance to consolidate other debts onto their home loan or access equity for investments or improvements. We determine your options around borrowing capacity to optimise your financial position.

How often can you refinance your home loan in Perth?

You can refinance whenever your situation changes – when fixed terms expire, moving properties, or better rates arise. However, avoid refinancing frequently as too many credit checks may temporarily impact lending eligibility. Get in touch with our refinance brokers for recommendations based on your situation.

What documents do you need for refinancing my home loan in Perth?

We’ll provide a simple checklist of what we need – latest statements, pay slips, tax returns, council rates notice and property management statement if applicable. Our admin team can liaise with your existing bank to retrieve latest documents too.

I'm with one of the big 4 banks. Can you still beat my rate?

Yes! Our mortgage experts leverage strong relationships across 30 lenders to negotiate reduced rates, saving clients thousands of dollars over typical loan terms. We’ve helped many Perth clients refinance from major banks into better products.

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